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Phrasal verbs

to eat away to gradually remove or destroy smth

to eat away at smth/smb 1) to gradually remove or reduce the

amount of smth; 2) to make someone feel very worried over a

long period of time

to eat in to eat at home instead of in a restaurant

to eat into smth 1) to gradually reduce the amount of time, money

etc that is available; 2) to gradually damage or destroy smth

to eat out to eat in a restaurant instead of at home

to eat up to eat all of smth

to eat smth up (informal) to use a lot of smth, especially until

there is none left

to make (something) out to see clearly

to be eaten up with/by jealousy/curiosity/anger to be very jealous,

curious etc, so that you cannot think about anything else

1. The project … … … a third of the organization’s entire research budget.

2. Acid rain … … … the stone walls.

3. I’m too bored to cook tonight. Let’s … ….

4. The thought of mother alone like that … … … at her.

5. The river … … … at the bank.

6. Jealousy … … him ….

7. She’s made a cake and wants us to help … it ….

8. The new buildings … … … the character of this historic town.

9. Paying for the new house … … … my savings.

10. Come on, Jenny, … … and we’ll go for a walk.

Topic. Meals

Read the text about the way to keep to a balanced diet. Choose the most suitable heading to the paragraphs (1–5) from the list (A–F).

There is one extra heading which you don’t need.

A Avoid Too Much Sugar

B Healthy Food Preparation

C Avoid “Diet Thinking”

D How to Eat Correctly

E Don’t Skip Meals

F Think Before Eating

Eat Well, Stay Healthy

We all know we should be eating a healthier balanced diet and getting

more exercise. To make it work, we need to build good habits into

our daily routine. We should try not to eat “on the run”. This means

taking time to plan and prepare healthy meals at home, so that we rely

less on fast food, microwave meals, and unhealthy snacks. We should

also control the amount of fat, sugar, and salt in our diet.

Here are a few tips to make healthy diet choices:

1. Eating three regular meals with good snacks in between encourages

healthy energy levels and weight. When eating away from home, you

can bring healthy snacks and drinks.


2. Grilling, stir-frying, baking, and boiling are healthy ways to cook

food. Use fresh or dried herbs and spices to flavour food instead of

adding toppings like butter, margarine, or gravy.


3. Sugary drinks are a source of empty energy (in the form of calories)

that you don’t need, without vitamins, minerals, or protein. Try sugar-

free sodas or flavoured waters instead of regular soda or juice. Lots

of sugar is found in desserts such as cakes, cookies, and sweets. Enjoy

these foods in moderation.


4. Eat slowly. It takes twenty minutes before you’re feeling full. Eating

when hungry and stopping when full will help balance the body’s energy

needs. Eat when you’re hungry, not when stressed or bored. Fibre

rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits increase the feeling

of being full.


5. There aren’t any ‘bad’ foods and even so-called ‘diet’ foods or drinks

are not lower in calories. Weight loss in your growing body can permanently

affect your growth in height.

Healthy Food (RAR)

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